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Salabobo YYM-L189 Womens Latin Ballroom Party Wedding Cha-cha Closed Toe Mid Heel Satin Mesh Dance Shoes Black vF6q0TR0 Salabobo YYM-L189 Womens Latin Ballroom Party Wedding Cha-cha Closed Toe Mid Heel Satin Mesh Dance Shoes Black vF6q0TR0 Salabobo YYM-L189 Womens Latin Ballroom Party Wedding Cha-cha Closed Toe Mid Heel Satin Mesh Dance Shoes Black vF6q0TR0 Salabobo YYM-L189 Womens Latin Ballroom Party Wedding Cha-cha Closed Toe Mid Heel Satin Mesh Dance Shoes Black vF6q0TR0
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Bluerise BV team 7

Bluerise - Ocean Energy

Sustainable energy and cooling from the ocean. Invest in Bluerise and create an energy breakthrough!

$765,256 INVESTED
Bluerise - Ocean Energy


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The concept

Bluerise has developed cutting edge energy technology to harness the ocean’s power. We are ready for our commercial rollout and with your investment we will start building our first project in the Caribbean!

We all agree that the world needs more sustainable energy and needs to be less addicted to fossil fuels. Solar and wind energy are great alternatives. Now there is a new source of energy: Ocean Thermal Energy. The ocean covers 70% of the planet. It’s our biggest natural solar collector. The surface collects and stores vast amounts of heat from the sun, but at the same time, the deep ocean is very cold. This temperature difference in the ocean is a giant source of sustainable energy, sort of like a big battery.

We are Bluerise and we are going to provide sustainable electricity and cooling where it’s needed most: in the tropics! ( watch the video ). In this part of the world more than a billion people live close to the coast. And more than half of the expensive and unsustainable electricity is used for air-conditioning.

We started initial technology development in 2012 and we are now ready for the next phase: scaling up our company to build our first projects that will provide sustainably cooling with ice cold water from the deep ocean.

By pumping ice-cold water from 1000 meter depth, we can cool buildings. Think of houses, hotels, data centers, airports, but also greenhouses. This is 10 times more efficient than regular air-conditioning. It saves 90% of the energy used for cooling. This translates into cost savings that can go up to more than 60%.

We will produce electricity using the temperature difference between the surface and the deep ocean. Wind and solar are important sources of sustainable energy, but they are only available when the wind is blowing and when the sun is shining. This means we always need dirty energy backup systems. That will soon be history, because Ocean Thermal Energy is available year-round, day and night.

The past years, we have developed the technology to unlock this ocean potential. We have built and tested demonstration systems together with Delft University of Technology. Our innovation has been recognized by different awards and is ready to be built.

We have set up offices in Delft and in the Caribbean and built a team of passionate people with the right technical expertise and entrepreneurial experience. We are cooperating with governments, we have eager customers and experienced partners ready to start building the first deep Seawater District Cooling project in the Caribbean.

The first project in the Caribbean will save as much energy as 1000 households use. It will be a global showcase and will open-up the market for many more and larger scale projects. Over 100 countries have access to the ocean energy resource, so it will be an important source of energy for the future.

This crowdfunding campaign is your opportunity to join us in this next phase of our company. Show that together we can change the world for the better. Be the Change, Be Cool and join us in this energy breakthrough!

Unique Selling Points Revenue model

Currently, our main source of revenue comes from providing consultancy services to our customers. We have undertaken multiple paid feasibility studies and resource assessment studies, that are required before the decision to actually start a project can be taken. In Curacao, Jamaica and Sri Lanka these studies have led to the next phase of the project, with Bluerise as co-developer. In this next phase, we will also provide professional services for the projects we are developing in the form of project management and engineering.

Our main source of future income however, will come from our participations in the projects we are developing. As co-founding project developer, the ultimate sale of our participation after commissioning of our projects will yield a high return on investment.

Combined, these revenue streams will not only ensure shareholder value for our investors, but will also provide the short term income to help finance our growth and our technology development roadmap.

Achieved so far

Since our incorporation in 2010, Bluerise has worked on the development of the market with the start of different projects, as well as developing its technology.Some of our achievements are:




Subsidies and recognition:

Required investment and purpose

The target amount for this crowdfunding campaign is € 250.000.

Your investment will bring us to the next phase in our growth path. We will reinforce our project organizations in Delft and Aruba and make the step to the realization of the first project. We will also send a project engineer to the project location in Jamaica to support our local partner, both with technical and commercial activities. We expect this to take about six months.

With a successful start of our first project, the market will open up with many new opportunities to commercialize our sustainable cooling and electricity systems.

Investors that make their investments within the first €100.000 funding are rewarded with an additional conversion discount of 5%.

All investors that invest €200 or more will receive a super special collectable: an engraved bottle containing the very first deep seawater to come out of our first deep seawater pipe. You will have an amazing story to tell your grandchildren when you explain how you helped create this energy breakthrough.

All investors that invest €10.000 and over will receive a once-in-a-lifetime package. You will be invited to see our technology first hand in the lab of the TU Delft after which you will join us to an exclusive, inspirational investor dinner. And when our first cooling plant is ready, you will receive an exclusive invitation for two persons to the grand opening.We will provide the accommodation, and ask you to take care of the trip. You will have the option to have your name engraved in the entrance hall of the energy plant. And, to top it off, you will be invited to a truly unique adrenaline ocean experience. We hope you are not afraid of depths!

There is a level of uncertainty of what the global energy market and mix will look like in a few years from now. We are confident that a market will be addressable as we have identified multiple revenue streams and overall added value as a result of synergies with other industries, such as agriculture, aquaculture, freshwater production etc.

All stages in our roadmap are designed to test the market and to ensure resiliency and flexibility on our business strategy.

Many investors will perceive the financial stability of our target market quite low. Some countries peg their currency to (e.g.) the US dollar. This could reduce the financial risk of a country. Still, in general, the financial stability risk of the countries that are likely to apply Seawater District Cooling and OTEC is high. This risk can be considerable. It is important to investigate the financial stability early in the process. Some of the financial country risks can be transferred to government via contractual arrangements. Additionally, these risks can be reduced by having part of the debt in the local currency. Inflation risks can be passed on through the sales of energy. Finally, it may be necessary to generate an adequate financial buffer.

The environmental risk of Seawater District Cooling systems and OTEC is deemed to be limited. Air pollution, visual nuisance, and wildlife hinderance are expected to be low. The biggest risks are potentially leakages of working fluids in the ocean, and changing local temperatures in the ocean. Therefore, the systems will be designed to be robust and safe, and independent environmental impact assessments will be done to validate this. It is recommendable to execute such an assessment in an early stage to prevent large setbacks in later stages.

Many key system components have to be sourced abroad and not all materials are always readily available. This adds considerable risk to our projects. Therefore, it is important to select trusted suppliers that can deliver when required. Local sourcing and stocks of spare parts are ways to reduce the need to take the plant out of operation for a longer period. Suppliers can be kept committed via long-term fixed price contracts, supplier guarantees, and financial supplier (equity) participation. Additionally, it is beneficial to have a backup supplier in case the first supplier can not deliver.

The positive impact of our projects on nature preservation, energy independence, lower energy prices, local employment, and various other aspects are likely to gain support from local communities. However, it is very important to communicate these benefits, because otherwise opponents could capture the public debate or influence decision makers. A stakeholder analysis and corresponding communication plan help to inform the local community about the project and take primary concerns away. Partnerships and social investments in local initiatives will help to gain a broad support.

Lender issues a (subordinated) convertible loan to convert at a later stage to depository receipts to become a shareholder of the company. Lender expects an (exponential) growth of value of the company with the possibility to sell the depository receipts with a capital gain. However, in most situations such capital gains do take more than an additional five years after conversion to be realized. In exchange for the possibility of a high return in case of a scenario of exponential growth of the value of the company, there is a risk the investment will be lost in case the company is not doing well.

The lender agrees that its claims against the borrower under the convertible loan agreement used on the Symbid platform rank below all other, non-subordinated, claims against the Lender as referred to in Section 3:277.2 Dutch Civil Code (‘BW’).

Please be informed further on our general risk page about the risks as outlined above and find out more on our default reporting before you start investing.

Signed a Joint Venture agreement with partner New Leaf Power for the development and construction of a Seawater District Cooling servicing the Jamaica Montego Bay Freeport Area.

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Tenure - Refers to whether the household owns or rents their private dwelling. The private dwelling may be situated on rented or leased land or be part of a condominium. A household is considered to own their dwelling if some member of the household owns the dwelling even if it is not fully paid for, for example if there is a mortgage or some other claim on it. A household is considered to rent their dwelling if no member of the household owns the dwelling. A household is considered to rent that dwelling even if the dwelling is provided without cash rent or at a reduced rent, or if the dwelling is part of a cooperative.

For historical and statutory reasons, shelter occupancy on Indian reserves or settlements does not lend itself to the usual classification by standard tenure categories. Therefore, a special category, band housing, has been created and is included in the classification of tenure.

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Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) Greater Chicago hosted the "What is OUR Storytelling?" event at the Chicago History Museum on April 4.On this day, participants joined others across the country in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK).

The program featured a small group of TRHT Greater Chicago design team members who shared their story, a reflection of how they understand and experience the significance of MLK and his legacy.Special thanks to Goodman Theatre staff,Willa Taylor and Deb Lewis, for working with the design team members to curate their stories.

Kim L. Huntemceed the show.By day, Kim is the executive director of Pride Action Tank, a project incubator and think tank on LGBTQ issues, which is a project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. For nearly four years, on the first Tuesday of the month, she co-hosts OUTSpoken! LGBTQ Storytelling at Sidetrack Video Bar in Lakeview.She believes that sharing our stories heals us, connects us, and shapes our collective survival.

Missed out on this event? Click thelinks below to view the following:



Darius Ballinger, Chasing23 Youth Empowerment Group Darius Ballinger is a 27-year-old Chicago native, African-American male who’s the father of three sons: Pierre, Naveed, and Hakeem. Darius is the husbandtoDashawndaBallinger,and a member of New Life South East Covenant Church.Heis the founding executive director of Chasing23 Youth Empowerment, an organization focused on improving the quality of life for young men of color and building community. Click here to view Darius' story. Erica Edwards, Joffrey Ballet Erica Lynette Edwards joined The Joffrey Ballet in 2000 and fulfilled her dream of becoming a ballerina. After a rewarding 15-year career, she hung up her pointe shoes and became the Director of Community Engagement at The Joffrey Ballet. In this role, Erica is responsible for managing all Joffrey arts education programs through Chicago Public Schools and the community to increase access, awareness, and appreciation for the art of dance. Some of her honors include being named a “Young Leader of the Future in the Arts” by Ebony Magazine, a “Black History Maker” by the Chicago Tribune, and most recently Crain’s Chicago Business 40 Under 40. Click here to view Erica's story. Rodrigo Estrada, University of Chicago Rodrigo is a first-generation college student studying economics and human rights at the University of Chicago.He is focused on building bridges and tearing down walls through community engagement and social justice advocacy. Rodrigo is committed to making a positive impact as a volunteer for the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago and a member of the Southside Free Music Program. Click here to view Rodrigo's story. Caronina Grimble, Woods Fund Chicago Caroninais a Black woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a seeker of justice, and a bike rider. She spends her days as a program officer for Woods FundChicago,and her nights as a semi-professional loafer.Caroninatakes seriously the biblical message to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly. Denise Hill Denise is a writer, thinker, and leader from the South Side of Chicago. She will be running as an Independent for State Representative in Illinois in the November General Election. She is a wife and mother of two children. Click here to view Denise's story. ToniiMaggitt, Communities United Antonio “Tonii” Magitt is a youth organizer with Communities United and a leader with Voices of Youth in Chicago’s Education, an alliance working to end the school to prison pipeline. Tonii is also a member of the Survivor Alliance for Healing Justice, a group that works on bringing together the formerly incarcerated and survivors of violence giving them a safe space to heal andworkon reforming the criminal justice system andendthe hyper-incarceration of Black and Brown communities. Tonii is also a strong leader for the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability working to establish systems of accountability for the Chicago Police Department. In light of Tonii's outstanding leadership, he is a recipient of the 2017 Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty Leadership Award. Click here to view Tonii's story. Willa Taylor, Goodman Theatre Willa Taylor is the Walter Director of Education and Engagement at Goodman Theatre.She is alsoa product of all the movements for justice that paved a path for her.She is eternally indebted to her Aunts, Harriet and Juanita, who took care of other peoples’ families so that she could be free not to. And to her mother and grandmother who taught her that much is required of those to whom much is given. Click here to view Willa's story.

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